The Envisage series translates personified imagery into a new vehicle for discussing perspectives of natural progressions. This new series utilizes cognitive imagery to study the complex relationships of current human psyche. A full size pencil drawing slowly takes form as more and more elements are intertwined, composing a myriad of negative shapes. Each form is considered structural, which determines the necessity and interactive qualities of composition. Each viewer might interpret the artwork differently, however, the theme relating to worldly events will be evident. As each shape takes form, the artwork deviates from the conventional rectangular form and freely boasts asymmetry and solidarity without confinement.

During my youth, I loved looking at maps, mazes, and reading world history which influenced my current series of superimposing images. The foundation for my work is a collection of my experiences, travel, human interactions, research and observations of society. Each image creates a language for the viewer to decipher which connects personal experiences to the familiar images.

Each composition begins as a pencil sketch drawn to true scale. The drawing is then scanned and rendered into a vectorized digital file, which instructs a water jet to cut the work out of a sheet of aluminum. Depending on the subject matter, the face will be finished using different processes. I am currently intrigued with reflecting the space surrounding where the piece resides. The edges of the metallic compositions are painted by hand, rendered in a lifelike quality, or the entire composition could be painted monochromatically.